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Whether it be a role-playing system that you and your mates worked out; a board game that you think others would love, or if you are planning on making a new computer game, this is the place to discuss your ideas and find out more information about creating games

Our Game Masters, Game Designers, World Architects, Multi-Media Artists, Programming Gurus and Polymaths offer their advice and tutorials for Games you can enjoy building yourself.

We provide tutorials and links on all aspects of Game Design and Production right here



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Computer Game Creation is a massive multi-million a year industry now in every computerized nation.

During the early days of computing it was't unusual for gamers to write their own games.

These days game creation is considered the domain of an elite few, well some of this elite few want to let you into a little secret

The Internet has made game creation once again possible for the home gamer.

With applications like Flash and Director, and internet scripting languages like Javascript and PHP fun games can be easily created, just by following our Tutorials.



Whether you are looking for help on entertaining your players, a plot for an adventure or are dedicated to world-building this is the section for you.

Our roleplaying team have been Game Master's, Dungeon Masters and Refs of games for decades.

Some have even designed roleplaying games of their own.

If you want to know how, or are just interested in finding out how Dungeon Ecology would effect your next adventure you want to read in here



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