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Even the most experienced gamer needs a little help, for this reason Strategy guides, Walk-thrus and Cheats exist.

As well as our own guides, codes, hacks and cheats there will also be a place for the users of the site to post their own guides, hints and walk-thrus as well.



These are the Top Ten Walk-throughs, Hints and Cheats in combined popularity and ratings.

  1. Crime Wars Strategy Guide
  2. The Sims Rosebud cheat
  3. Game
  4. Game
  5. Game
  6. Game
  7. Game
  8. Game
  9. Game
  10. Game



Walk-throughs or Walk-Thrus are the simplest of strategy guides to follow.

They are basically everything that you have to do in order to complete a game.

Walk-throughs are most commonly used on Puzzle style adventure games.



Sometimes the people that write and design Computer games need to include cheats to aid their testers

Other times they like to include cheats that activate special bonuses called in the industry Easter Eggs, after the Easter Egg Hunt Game

Either way the these Cheats are usually accessed by doing something unusual on a menu in the game.

So whether you want infinite lives or a new character to play this is the section for you.



Some gamers just don't want to cheat, and hate the spoiling that comes with walk-throughs.

For these gamers we write Hints, these are strategic tips that point the way rather than revealing every little nuance.

Bear in mind the exact part of the game you want a hint with, otherwise you might get a spoiler you didn't want.

Some games like Chess you couldn't write a successful walkthrough for, so you'll also find strategic hints for games like that here.

We also have links to generic strategy hints like The Art of War and The Prince, for all you Generalissimos.



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