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This section deals with puzzle games of all kinds, which is a huge proportion of games in general, from the games you find in puzzle books to toys like Rubik�s Cube or such computer games as Alexey Pajitnov�s Tetris or LucasArts Monkey Island series.



These are the Top Ten Puzzle Games in combined popularity and ratings.

  1. Tetris
  2. Game
  3. Game
  4. Game
  5. Game
  6. Game
  7. Game
  8. Game
  9. Game
  10. Game



This category deals with the puzzle games that are based on logic.

These include all those complex logic puzzles from books and IQ tests as well as Mathematical and number games.

A lot of so called "Edutainment" games fall into this category.



This is where you will find all those word games like Anagrams, Crosswords, Hangman and Hasbro/Mattel Scrabble.

If you think you are in possession of garrulous lexical skills your delight could be manifest with a visit to this facet of the site.



Pattern & Shape games include any game where you might have to match colours, shapes, patterns or images, like jigsaws, children�s toys, Tetris and similar fast paced block games.



These are games that can be played indoors, usually by even a large group of people that often involves questions, or similar puzzling.



Puzzle games found a very popular niche in the computer market with textual adventures like the classic �Colossal Caves� or graphical adventures (also called point and click adventures) such as LucasArts are famous for or Cyan Worlds Inc. aesthetic masterpiece the �Myst� series.

For their fans, these sorts of games represent the height of puzzle solving and roleplaying (or interactive fiction) combined.



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