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Roleplaying games started out with very simple games such as Dungeons and Dragons and has since progressed to much more complicated systems such as White Wolf�s Storyteller and Wizards of the Coast�s d20 system.

We have also seen the genre move to the computer with great success in such games as Bethesda Softworks� Elder Scrolls series or BioWare corp�s (InterPlay/ Black Isle studios for consoles) Baldur�s gate franchise. There are even events such as The Gathering where thousands of people get together for a live action roleplaying weekend.

This section will deal with all of these games and many others like them. We have split this category into four separate subcategories



These are the Top Ten Roleplaying Games in combined popularity and ratings.

  1. Dungeons & Dragons
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This is where we will list the many games that focus on war, this does not mean that there won�t be other aspects to the game such as resource management but rather that war is the most important facet of the game.

This includes games such as :



This category deals with the most common form of roleplaying, which usually takes place around a table with paper, pens and dice. Players pretend to be characters from a variety of different universes, usually seeking glory, treasure and something to kill for the experience.

The oldest and most famous of all Roleplaying Games is the Dungeons & Dragons game, originally written by TSR games and later purchased by Wizards Of the Coast, in this game players pretend to be amongst others, Fighters, Rogues and Wizards, adventuring in a Tolkein-esque world of Troll and Orc filled caverns and Dragon ruled kingdoms and if that isn�t enough for you that�s just one of thousands of Roleplaying games that are out there.



LARP or Live Action Roleplaying is the form of role-playing that takes a more active approach than Tabletop.

That is to say that at LARP events, the players dress up in costumes and act out the roles of their characters real time.

At one time this mostly involved dressing up as a historical figure and re-enacting famous battle but LARP has evolved somewhat since then and while hitting each other with a variety of usually latex weapons still plays a large part.

There are many LARP events including the famous �Gathering� which involve much more actual acting than fighting.



This category deals with the plethora of role-playing games that have been developed for computers and game consoles.

Many tabletop Roleplaying games have made the transition from dice and paper to the computer over the last 30 years; D&D, Cyberpunk and Warhammer are just a few.

The success of these games lead the Computer games industry to write Computer RPG�s that had no basis in Tabletop.

These pure CRPG�s have evolved in two separate stables.

The Western school, with its fantasy Tolkein and D&D inspired motifs and the Eastern school based on Asian Animation and Myth from which we get great games like the Final Fantasy series.



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