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In this section we will deal with strategy games from the latest computer games, to classic games like Chess. It also has game strategy, from how to improve your score to how to complete entire computer games.

Almost all games contain an element of strategy. Whilst there is strategy is involved in, for example, a game of Lawn Tennis, the main component would be the physical fitness and prowess of the players thus Lawn Tennis would have a low rating in strategy.

We have further separated the strategy category into four distinct subcategories which we hope will simplify matters for you; these subcategories are:



These are the Top Ten Strategy Games in combined popularity and ratings.

  1. Crime Wars
  2. Masters Of Orion II
  3. Game
  4. Game
  5. Game
  6. Game
  7. Game
  8. Game
  9. Game
  10. Game



Even the most experienced gamer needs a little help, for this reason Strategy guides, Walk-thrus and Cheats exist.

As well as our own guides, codes, hacks and cheats there will also be a place for the users of the site to post their own guides, hints and walk-thrus as well.



This is where we will list the many games that focus on war, this does not mean that there won�t be other aspects to the game such as resource management but rather that war is the most important facet of the game.

This includes games such as :



Some games involve resource gathering and management as their main component such as Wizards of The Coast Magic: The Gathering or JoWooD Productions Industry Giant.

Most of the games in this category are card or computer games but there are a few resource management games that use other media.



The board games category contains some of the more classic strategy games such as Chess or Milton Bradley�s Stratego.

These games have formed the basis of the newer strategy games that we now play on computers.



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